Restaurant Supplies

restaurantThere are so many restaurant supplies on the market today that is can be stressful deciding which ones you should and should not have in your kitchen or where to buy a bar sink. There are some of them that even the home kitchen should not be without. One kitchen gadget that comes in handy is the ever popular panini press. We have all see these used in restaurants to make a sandwich and the like, however, Chef Alton Brown from the Food Network suggests that they can even be used for other uses like game hens and more. Can you imagine the fun that this press can help create with it comes to a cooking creative game hen? The panini press is amazing for making lunch too. Perhaps not kitchen should be without one.

Masaharu Morimoto from the hit TV show Iron Chef America suggests that we all have a pair of onion goggles. Now, these goggles will not make the world look like onions when you put them on. However, they will keep your eyes from crying while you are chopping up those onions. Perhaps, there are other things you can do such as light a candle, but, these onion goggle seem to make sense to many people, so, why not try them and see if they are a clear view for your must have restaurant supplies.

When it comes to aiolis, pestos, rubs and marinades you always need something to mix all of the oils and natural ingredients together in. This is where the mortar and pestle can be a huge help in the kitchen. You can buy a professional model or a nice sized model for your home kitchen. Regardless of the size or style, you are bound to get some great use out of this handy tool. This is for sure a tool that no kitchen should be without because it comes in handy for several things and you never know when you will find another use for it.

restaurantHere is one that might seem like a no-brainer because it really is. Can a kitchen have too many plastic cutting boards? The one we are talking about is the one that is flexible. Every Chef can chop the ingredients on the board, fold the board up and slide the contents into a sauce pan or mixing bowl. These flexible plastic cutting boards are cost effective and easy to clean and store away. How many do you need for your kitchen? Hey, you never know. These things are great because you can lay out a few of them and cut away. This allows you keep ingredients you want mixed together and those you want separate away from everything else.

Adding just a few of these restaurant supplies to your kitchen will make your kitchen more productive and you will feel great about your new additions too. As with every tool that you use, you will find a few that you really love and wonder how you lived without them for so long in your kitchen.